Our objective is the creation of a sustainable lifestyle in a community environment. Our key principles are to live as close as possible to Nature, and be as sustainable and healthy as possible, to support healing & awakening on every level. ♥mostly raw & organic, strictly vegetarian, gluten-free and no processed/fried/baked foods ♥ no pollutants / toxins on the land or in our bodies, organic permaculture ★ drug, alcohol, tobacco-free and we discourage all other forms of addictive behaviour ♥ off-grid, solar electricity with conscious and limited use of Internet and electronic devices ♥ the use of sacred plant medicine in ceremonial context ♫ sacred music sessions ~ singing heart songs ♥ alternative education ☯ a self-sufficient economy from own produce, workshops, events and festivals ∞nomadic & sacred architecture (yurts, domes, tipis)


Amoraleza is a community project whose goal is to live in symbiosis with Nature as well as a retreat center, dedicated to plant medicine work, with the intention of providing a safe and sacred space to experience an expansion of the heart and the consciousness. We are a family of 6, living on 4 hectare (40,000 m² or 9.88 acres) of land, nestled on the south side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Andalusia, southern Spain, bordering the National Park. We have our own spring and more than 100 olive trees and a variety of young fruit trees planted in recent years. We are a non-profit association dedicated to health and spirituality and are creating sustainability by offering our place as a place for retreat and reconnection with Nature.

land & buildings

land size:

4 hectares

homes current:


homes planned:


energy sources:

All by Nature. Electricity is solar-powered.

owned by:

Amoraleza Association

additional comments:

Beautifully green, wide terraces on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, touching the National Park. We live at about 900m above sea level, have a freshwater spring on the land, and more icy-clear water coming through channels from 8km far up the mountains... amazing ? Most of the land is covered with Olive trees, that have been planted in roman times, and many different fruit trees were planted in recent years. A beautiful mandalic garden supplies the fresh greens... much more could be said here ...






open to new members:


visitors accepted:


volunteer program:


membership process:

Welcome to paradise !:) Of course we are taking care of this magical place, which reflects in a few rules to maintain its integrity... At first you can come as visitor, so we can get to know you a little bit. A few days may be enough. Then you can join our circle as a Welcome Member, as which you contribute 3 € a day for running costs and about 20 hours per week helping on the land or in current projects. Creative input with your individual skills is of course very welcome and also counts, as well as the offering of activities, workshops etc. Parents, especially Mama's, are required less work, as they have a lot to do, anyway. When we live in harmony together for about 6 to 12 months, the consensus of the association ( active members) can invite you as Active Member as well. That means a certain reliability, more self-responsibility and a contribution of 1 € per day. All members can participate in events, join for meals, use the Internet café and the Library... If there is a free yurt, dome, caravan or wooden chalet, members can inhabit them and take care of the space. If you bring your own home - even better ? If you want to create a home for you / your family, then we see if we find a place and a consensus...

visitor process:

Please get in contact with us before to plan your visit here (we're sometimes full or busy with events). Visitors can stay for an unlimited number of days in yurt, dome, caravan or wooden chalet - the prices range from 5-7 € (own tent) to 20 € per day. Visitors are not required, but of course very welcome to help. And as a visitor, you can of course see & learn about everything, ask questions, join for meals, use the Internet café and the Library...


decision making:

Heartsharing-circles, Vision circles and consensus are key elements. We learn to listen first, the Eagle feather or Crystal wand keep us connected to Great Spirit when we speak. Practicalities and necessities play a main role in the decision process, we try to be efficient with our time, words & actions.

leadership core group:


social factors

spiritual practice:

That's complex. Based on the laws of sacred harmonics, we do everything that refines our vibration, and enhances our spiritual manifestation in this body. Everyone brings her/his own techniques and practices, but a common factor are the healthy lifestyle, pure & mostly raw food, living and working together, and uniting in sacred ceremonies. Guarding the portals of our mind and bodies, being selective with the input we absorb and expose ourselves to, Nature is our main teacher.

educational practice:

Educating ourselves is essential, learning is evolving. We learn from the depths of our library and from each other every day. Children teach us how to be. And we let them express and explore any field of interest, supply them with the tools and guidance if needed. Some call it homeschooling, others unschooling. Lets say it is a natural way of living, as has been practised for thousands of years by the many tribes of this Earth. Children learn from us, with us, and by their own curiosity. We let them be, without limiting them, and patiently answering the many questions asked. When the answer can't be given, its time for us to learn more... ?

healthcare practice:

We live as healthy and pure as possible. Sure no artificial fertilizers, herbizides, chemicals (e.g. in Cosmetics) are on the land, and we keep our bodies free from all artificial ingredients, as well. That means mostly organic food, and as much as possible from the own orchard and garden. Having no WiFi and other radiation sources is important for us, as well, and also we guard the portals of the mind, which means that we select what we and our children absorb through movies and music. It's not much necessary, anyway, as real life provides all with soo much joy and depth of experience...


internal sovereign currrency:


We are working on a Local Exchange Trading System for the whole Alpujarras. We give and receive freely + self-responsibly.



We have our own water & electricity, a lot of green food from the garden and slowly growing fruit trees...

required labor contribution:


shared expenses:

are covered by the daily / weekly contributions of members & visitors.


shared meals:

yes, daily

current food production:


planned food production:


dietary practice:

♥ mostly raw & organic, strictly vegan and gmo-free food ♥ no pollutants / toxins on the land or in our bodies ♥ organic permaculture, water cycles, compost and activated Biochar as fertilizers ♥ everybody is free to join meals or eat on their own


★ discouragement of drug addictions: no smoking, alcohol, sugar & other stuff

additional comments:

★ we also take care what we absorb with our mind, our eyes, through media, music etc... especially selection for our children... ♥ the use of sacred plant medicine in ceremonial context and shamanic ways ♫ sacred music sessions ~ singing heart songs

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