We envision living in world without borders in which we all feel brothers and parts of a whole. Where there are differences, but divisions and where love reigns and peace. And in this particular space, "Chambalabamba" among other things, have the dream of being self-sustaining and self-sustaining. Not be outside the system which is today around the world, but not depend on it. Power self-organize in such a way that if the capitalist system fell, we could continue to live what autogeneramos, sustainable, environmentally conscious of abundance in nature when you relate harmoniously with her in the day. We seek to maintain the horizontal organization where no one has more power than another. Functioning as a single being in which each part and does what is best for the welfare of all. We dream to be an inspiration over there are ways to live freely in balance between what we feel, say and do and in harmony with Mother Earth. Listening and following the dictates of the heart. Given that human relationships are one of the major challenges of community life , we have agreed to keep always in mind three basic principles, which are: Personal Integrity, harmony and unity. Based on these three principles we seek to maintain a good relationship with our brothers and with Mother Nature . And looking through agreements maintain order and cleaning of all common areas, also taking healthy eating and conscious. We meet weekly to discuss, organize, and feel like we are making decisions by consensus.


Here in Chambalabamba, live people from around the world, including families with children and people of all ages. We are a group of artisans, builders, gardeners, technicians, artists, clowns, carpenters, electricians, musicians, and much more.

What unites us and keeps us in this space, is the desire and dreams of creating a better world for ourselves, our Mother Earth and future generations. We committed to create a way of life where we can explore the freedom inherent in every human being, with responsibility and respect for others and the environment.

Hence a harmonious organization for all in which no one is obliged to do anything that is not of interest and enjoyment arises. This makes everyone can choose to do and to contribute every day to the Community. And given the diversity of interests and passions, spread over different tasks to perform.

Here we plant, irrigate, harvest, build our houses, we meet, we sing, we dance, we play, we tried, we were wrong and turn to raise.
We are together making this possible, enjoying doing and see this dream grow, learning every day, helping us to be better people. Travelers who receiving and being enriched by their knowledge and they will also be enriched by the experience. It is an experiment and we are constantly changing, we know the fate in store for us but we do the best we can, with Love and Joy today.

land & buildings

land size:

14 acres

homes current:


homes planned:


energy sources:

Ecuador Electricity

owned by:


additional comments:

Paradise 🙂






open to new members:


visitors accepted:


volunteer program:


membership process:

People start as volunteers and if they wish to join community, after some months it will be clear if the community wants them in and if they want to be in the community.

visitor process:

We are a community in constant development & learning through experience. You can spend time participating in the volunteer program that includes organic garden management-permaculture, agroforestry implementation, biodynamics, natural construction, art workshops, creative projects, alternative schoolhouse, carpentry, vegetarian cuisine, hatha yoga, jewelry, etc. You can also experience the dynamic organization of the living cell, in which we are creating a caring and sustainable culture. Living near each other, we cooperate and share resources so that we can live more lightly and joyfully on earth. We are currently under construction and development of homes, gardens , orchards and educational projects, where daily work with physical effort is conducted along with intellectual and spiritual work. Here you will find a balance for a fuller life. For better integration and learning, we suggest a stay with us for a period of one month as long as there is harmony between the two sides. Before being asked to volunteer to come to meet and share for 3 days in community activities, while staying outside the community. After a month of residence, if you intend to remain, a meeting will decide on the matter to be, with a limit of 3 months time spent here. We are also open to the possibility of new residents- families with children, couples and singles. Teniendo como tiempo límite de estadía 3 meses. También estamos abiertos a la posibilidad de tener nuevos residentes, tanto familias con hijos, parejas o solteros.

volunteer process:

As a volunteer you can access: Excellent quality of life in a natural setting, surrounded by clear waters and tropical climate, one of the best in the world. Delicious vegetarian lunch from Monday to Friday. Oats, brown sugar and whole wheat flour for your breakfast and snacks.. Internet access throughout the area. Use outside Maloca – (common area kitchen) Free participation in our workshops and creative research. Clothes washer, always taking into account the use of ecological detergent. Shower with hot water. Stage with sound equipment. Volunteer house with kitchen and dining room. (Where available) Beautiful lake and river access. In case of a family with children, they can participate in our alternative schoolhouse. Harvesting food from the land, with a conscience. You Agree with: Comply with work four hours and half daily starting at 7: 30am and end at 12: 00pm, Monday through Friday. Provide $ 20 weekly or 60 in case you stay one month. Always ensure cleanliness of common areas such as Maloca, stage, bathrooms, sheds, trails, laundry, etc. Detailed information is written for the management and maintenance of each space, ask. Care for work tools, always leaving things in place and communicating in the event of breakage or malfunction of the same. Before using an unknown tool you should be well informed to avoid breakage. Respect the space of family privacy. Respect and protect our natural spaces such as gardens, trees, lake, river, etc.


decision making:


community network or organization affiliations:

social factors

spiritual practice:


educational practice:

We have an alternative school for children.

healthcare practice:


additional comments:

We are united as one large family.


internal sovereign currrency:




Always working in this direction.

required labor contribution:


We only have agreements, no rules.

shared expenses:

To buy food at the end of the week, to supplement what we grow.


shared meals:

yes, daily

current food production:


planned food production:


dietary practice:



No Alcohol.

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