To research and share regenerative living styles as a community.


There is nothing in the world like creating a gameworld with friends from a common context as a platform for collaborating on projects that fulfill each person’s destiny. The sensation is so rewarding. Translation: “I feel glad!”

land & buildings

land size:

2 hectares

homes current:


homes planned:


energy sources:

still on the grid, with our own water source and plant sewage system

owned by:

Puls der Erde e.V.

additional comments:

Surrounded by farmland on a plateau of 400 meters above sea level with a view of the Austrian Alps.






open to new members:


visitors accepted:


volunteer program:


membership process:

The true answer to the question about a membership process is that we do not have one. Which means there is actually no way to become a member. The organism seems to call in certain people and after a while everyone realizes some new person is already a member. Everyone else who participates simply gets to co-create in the learning field of Lenzwald together with us, which is the main benefit of the place anyway. This relaxes everyone, because no one is trying to be "on good behavior" so that someone else on the selection committee does not veto their application for membership. There is no politics about it. Yay!

visitor process:

Email Sonia Willaredt (sonia at nextculture dot org) to arrange a skype or phone call, then tell her what you are up to, and ask her what is possible.


decision making:

We meet in a circle to consider certain questions, but usually whoever is responsible for the job decides about the job. If anyone has other ideas or emotions about it, we dive right in and handle it together using the tools, thoughtmaps, emotional-healing processes, and adulthood initiatory processes of Possibility Management. (www.possibilitymanagement.com)

additional comments:

It is a kind of anarchistic collaboration for mutual benefit of all, including Gaia and the Earth.

community network or organization affiliations:

social factors

spiritual practice:

Some people attend to the children. Some people attend to the chickens and ducks. Some people attend to the gardens and buildings. Some people attend to the finances and bookings. Some people attend sitting meditation. The basic practices are radical responsibility... centered, grounded, space held, Gremlin on a short leash, Bright Principles called in, Archetypal Lineage flowing through, don't know, go straight... or go sideways... your choice. Remembering of course that there are consequences to everything.

educational practice:

Possibility Coaching: http://nextculture.org/possibility-coaching/en Expand The Box training: http://nextculture.org/etb/en Possibility Labs: http://nextculture.org/labs/en Feelings Practitioner: http://www.feelingspractitioner.com Trainer Skills Labs: http://nextculture.org/trainer-skill-labs/en Trainer Research Labs: http://nextculture.org/trainer-trainer-labs/en

healthcare practice:

Natural healing practices.

additional comments:

Love happens. What do you do about it?


internal sovereign currrency:


Nonlinear creative collaboration in a context of radical responsibility.



What is the real question here? We grow a lot of our own food. We fix and build most of our own stuff. We are a seminar house and both the training room and the guest rooms are mostly filled with our own training programs.

required labor contribution:


If you see a job to do, it's your job. Irresponsibility is an illusion.

shared expenses:

Yes. Lenzwald is a nanonation surrounded by a semipermeable membrane that keeps modern culture's currency out because it is a nasty contamination factor. To quote Robert Graves in his book Watch the North Wind Rise (Seven Days of Milk and Honey), "Money misbehaved. We got rid of it.".


shared meals:

yes, 1 to 2 times a week

current food production:


planned food production:


dietary practice:

Raw, pure, and delicious. Or as you wish. Mom had a strong influence on personal taste.


We each have a Gremlin. If you don't consciously feed your Gremlin on a regular basis then it eats what and when it wants, usually by creating low-drama conflicts and intrigue with other Gremlins. Chocolate is the drug of choice at Lenzwald, followed by coffee... or maybe it's the other way around. We don't gossip much. Some people have a smoke or a beer which is questioned. Everything, even the chocolate, is questioned. We are questioners. Are you not?

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