To create a community of individuals interested in preserving the positive aspects of technology and science, applied to a non-destructive (invasive) way of living that sees people as part of nature, respects their need for resources in a sustainable way and promotes collaboration among people. We hope to show other people that it's possible to lead a good life without destroying our planet and each other.


A community aimed at creating a peaceful family oriented respectful way of life for people that allows individual creativity and independency. My aim would be to create together an alternate way of living NOT based on spirituality but rather encompassed by principles of respect towards humans, animals and nature.

land & buildings

land size:

10 hectares

energy sources:

solar, wind

owned by:

land would be bought among all of us






open to new members:


visitors accepted:


volunteer program:


membership process:

We hope to gather a group of 15 interested families/individuals to finalize possible costs and build it together.

visitor process:

to be determined once we have a full set of tentative members


decision making:

Community consensus is important as it pertains to the well being of everyone involved, therefore community decisions would be discussed and agreed upon as a community. individual home/area decision belongs to each family/individual to do as they feel its better as long as it causes no harm to others or the community.

identified leader:

yes ...I provide leadership in the form of organization and unity until we have enough members to start a fully functional joint decision process.

social factors

spiritual practice:

open to each individual to practice their own spiritual pursuits or none as they see fit.

educational practice:

We would pursue an education structure for children and anyone interested on survival skills, essential home, community functions and any other skills needed to ensure survival and well being, any other cultural and educational pursuits would come from each member willingness to teach/learn on other matters.

healthcare practice:


additional comments:

Society as we plan it would center around family and the understanding that we all share a common line (we are all humans) how each one of us define their own humanity varies from person to person, some people desire constant interaction, others are more reserved. Taking into account those differences we would like to create a place where a group of people cares for others at the most basic level (lend a hand to others in suffering/need) and posses the space needed to freely be themselves.


internal sovereign currrency:




details to be determined

required labor contribution:

yes, 6 hours per week

the number is just an estimate but it would certainly be ideal to have all of us caring for certain tasks that pertain the entire community

shared expenses:

land and other community upkeep costs would be shared equally.


planned food production:


dietary practice:

up to each person preference, needs


up to each member as long as it doesn't cause an issue with law enforcement or the well being of the community itself.

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