• Sacred Geometry is the universal language of light, the fundamental vibratory infrastructure of all creation, all life, written into our soul covenant and genetic codes.
    As we commune with sacred geometric forms

    • You can experience the 1st Ceremony, originally released on DVD for a wider public, and given freely to the world through youtube, here:
      But PLEASE, TAKE YOUR TIME (about 1 hour), switch your phone off and prepare a quiet, sacred space, relax, …
      and have a great journey 😉

      • When you’re ready, received Code 1 (and you may want to repeat that ,’)
        then you can also experience Code 2, which will take you to more unlocking of genetic codes through resonant sacred geometry, cosmic Tunes and Quantum Poetry. Enjoy ! 😉
        Please do not try to do the 2.Code before the 1.Code, such as one needs to learn swimming before…[Read more]