Sacred Geometry is the universal language of light, the fundamental vibratory infrastructure of all creation, all life, written into our soul covenant and genetic codes.
As we commune with sacred geometric forms we interact with their purely harmonic fields, which resonate with the vibratory infrastructure of our original Human blueprint.

The fact that out of 3 billion base pair chemicals in the Human gene code only 60million are active and that we only use a fraction of our brain capacity are manifest signs that point to Human genetic modification.
The Template is a transcendent model that offers the un-interpreted, uncensored energetic truth of Creation, delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy via bio-circuitry. Built upon the laws of resonant harmonics, creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of your dormant DNA, the integrity of the original Human blueprint is reinforced.

The Template ceremonies are a coded convergence of sound and geometry, which, together with the revelations of Humanity’s origins and history and the full potential of the immortal Human design, initiate a powerful and transformative journey into the past, the ability to courageously be conscious and grounded in the present, and an understanding of the future which we will collectively co-create through the resurrection of the light body.

The Template ~ Introduction Video

The Template Ceremonies 1 to 5 will be held during our Spring mountain Retreat from 12th to 16th of May 2017, high in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia, and be supported by living in pure nature, spring water, fresh permaculture foods and our excellent raw food chef Veronika, and high-Quality Superfoods for best embodiment. They will be held in a 13m geodesic Dome, which is built upon the laws of harmonic geometry.

1. Ceremony of Original Innocence

2. Sacred Marriage Ceremony

3. Sacred Breath Ceremony

4. Source Ceremony

5. Temple of Time

More details about the ceremonies here

You can book the 5 day Cermonies – Workshop here

You may book accommodation for as long as you wish either side of the Ceremonies for as little as 15 euro per night, less for tents.

(Yurts, Dome, or wooden Chalets are available, but limited)

For booking food & accomodation please contact [email protected]


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