• Ok, I´ll make myself clear 😉

    I´m 49 years old born and registered in the Netherlands.

    Out of nowhere, it seemed, I saw this intervju with an old lady who has suffered nearly 8 years in prison for something, but she didn´t know what so she educated herself in law and found that every human being, born on this planet, and registered in a go…[Read more]

  • Has this group died?

  • How do I go about claiming my sovereignty? Where do I start?

    • Hi Peter. New Earth University runs a 5 week course on UCC to teach you how to reclaim your Strawman. There is a course underway right now, but I am not sure when the next one starts. Hope that helps.

    • Sovereignty to me is living our purpose, standing in our truth, to be of service to the Earth and humanity. To cause no harm, loss or to impede our will upon another. Yes Ive signed the treaty too. 🙂 Lets all exit this toxic fiction matrix, which only exists due to our brainwashed beliefs… 🙂

    • Bron posted an update in the group Group logo of Academy of SovereigntyAcademy of Sovereignty 7 years, 4 months ago

      Please go to the Forum where you can add your response to this question… which I think is at the heart of “Academy of Sovereignty”, namely… “What is “Sovereignty” to you, as fitting for your part of the world?” Thanks.

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