• Hi beloved ones,

    Healing from my perspective is restoring the body to purity.

    (Yes being a facilitator to bring trough high frequencies helps)

    So logically purifying your body’s(many may know them as the physical,emotional,mental,spiritual body)so again purifying them is helping immensely to manifest a more loving reality too.

    When I say…

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  • Hi every one, Its nice to meet you all. It is my understanding that one of the best ways to help humanity is to help yourself heal and grow, to hold the highest vibration, to bring the overall vibration of humanity up with you. I am working on myself daily. One task I am working in is what I call, cleaning out the closet, or sometimes I call it…[Read more]

  • Let’s collaborate and work together to help heal this planet. Come check out our new brand of what we call ‘Awakened Entertainment’ at the following link…

  • Hello all – my thoughts –
    I find that the same process im using for awakening is also a solution for PTSD, And ADD. In fact i believe that the suppression of our spirit is the cause for the predisposition of these and other mental disorders, including addiction.
    Sincerely – Loyd Major – Y2C Community

    • Hi Loyd thanks for sharing your thoughts in this forum. Would be interested to hear more about the process you use for awakening/PTSD. I have created my own system of healing which combines Energy Psychology & Reiki. I call it ETRCC (Emotional Therapy through Reiki Chakra Clearing). It has been quite effective in helping many people release fears,…[Read more]

      • Hello Michele
        first and for most, is the belief of who and what you are. I believe i am a energy being, having this physical experience. So even the so called bad is part of that experience. But the conditioning of our body and mind effects our experience. though we have the power to change our conditioning at the genetic level.
        My approach is for…[Read more]

        • (cont) this type of meditation was successful in en-training my creative, and analytical mind bring balance between the two.
          I also began using the “Sedona Method” for emotional intelligence. Which allowed me the ability to bring suppressed emotions to the surface and
          ‘let them go’.
          The only thing i have left to release is unconscious…[Read more]

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