• Demkovich posted an update in the group Group logo of IT & Web DevelopmentIT & Web Development 3 years, 6 months ago

    Добрый день.
    Очень приятно было найти вас.
    Я с командой занимаюсь развитие аналогичным проектом.
    Буду рад дружбе и сотрудничеству.
    У меня IT команда “RS” redstart.pro мы занимаемся разработкой и развитием IT продуктов
    А так же мы запустили строительство ” института технологий здоровья” file:///C:/Users/Max/Desktop/Ядро_преза%202.pdf

    М…[Read more]

  • Dear New Earthers,

    We are constantly working to improve the quality and features of our portals so that you may have a joyful experience. If you have any suggestions and/or comments, please feel free to contact us and we will consider integrating them for the benefit of the collective.

    Much Love and Light. 🙏

  • We’re excited to announce that groups and communities now have the ability to add Events. Just go to the ‘Events’ tab on your profiles. 🙂 Key features:
    -Full integration with…[Read more]

  • Portal Update:
    -added advanced search, based on extended profile fields to the members page: https://newearthnations.org/members/

    • There needs to be Profiles, Locations, Skills you bring to the table. It’s still just a bunch of names who could be anywhere Roman. Thank you for your efforts. But ‘Advanced Search’ is probably going to be a little useless if there’s no data required of people that a search engine can trawl.

    • For example, i’ve just searched “Auckland” which is pretty close to me here in NZ. Results: “Sorry, no members were found.” So the tool remains redundant. Thanks.

  • Portal Updates:
    -extended profile is now available under ‘Profile’->’Edit’
    -newsletter preferences now available under ‘Profile’->’Settings’->’Newsletter’
    -added the ability to add group cover photo
    -added the ability to set privacy status on uploaded media

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