• Anyone interested in forming a healing sanctuary and eco housing in the Mount Shasta forest, near McCloud California? I can partially fund this project.

    • Hi Sheranda, nice to meet you , I am interested in forming a sacred healing centre and an eco housing in Bamenda, North West Region , Cameroon . I don’t know if it is possible to receive partial funding from you and while I solicit other funds from my friends.who are currently supporting my cause.


    • Any landowners in united kingdom who are in process of creating an modern eco housing area yet? To exit the corrupted matrix?
      Or anyone in united kindgdom eho all want to get together to invest in land to get the ball rolling?

      • Count me in! I would love to find somewhere free from cell tower/5G radiation.. Woodland wood be wonderful!

      • Hello humans! Looking to gather more like-minded humans to build self-sustaining, sovereign eco-villages with cannabis as the primary driver of our commerce. Humans first, land second. We can find land; it is more difficult to find good humans. (=

        • hi Christina…
          is there any actual land, where you want to start working.. ?
          I can find some good humans, to pass on your invitation, it depends where the location of your project is..
          looking to find those new earthling acting on community development !! not all humans nowadays
          Im part of New Earth Planetary Stewardship Peace Troops in…

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      • Hoping to liven things up in here. Let’s talk! I live in Boulder, CO and am seeking land owners or trusts who seek a land steward. If you allow me to build a sustainable, single story home that does not require septic/sewar or public water – just direct access to FAST internet – I will love the land and keep her healthy. I’ve designed five…[Read more]

      • Hello all! I have 5 acres of undeveloped land in Texas about 45 minutes outside of El Paso. We are looking to build an ecovillage for all with our focus on assisting veterans. We are looking for help in all areas.

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